Friday, December 12, 2008

Yankees Tossing Out Offers!

The Yankees are apparently offering AJ Burnett $80 million for 5 years, which is above what the Braves biggest offer has been thus far. This is obviously newsworthy in it of itself; however, there may be a deeper indication that this offer expresses. ie. Either that the Derek Lowe sweepstakes are getting away from the Yankees or that the Yankees have realized that Derek Lowe is 35 and not worth $64-68 million!

Personally, I would rather sign Oliver Perez and Ben Sheets that either of these 2, but hey, that is why Cashman makes the big bucks. Then again, he has screwed up almost every pitching decision he has made over the last number of years (some of the big ones are Wright, Randy Johnson, Hawkins, Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes over Johan, the list goes on). Maybe I should take over for Cashman!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yankees Need To Forget About Manny!

There are rumors all over the place that the Yankees are still looking into possibly acquiring Manny Ramirez. Here is the problem with that idea. The guy is a cancer to any clubhouse. That pisses off Joe Girardi - a man with a short fuse who does not get along with his team as it is. Then Manny gets into an argument with Girardi over something absurd and gets benched for a period of time. That leads to more chaos and less of a focus on winning.

The biggest issue with Manny is that he doesn't get it! He doesn't realize that his antics effect play on the field. He is so talented that his own success is not hindered when he causes a raucous in the clubhouse; however, other players, who actually need to focus when hitting, lose their concentration when asked their opinion on the stupidity Manny is up to.

The bottom line is that Manny is a hall of fame talent and that he will be an effective piece of a playoff team - but that team should not be the Yankees! The manager is not mellow enough and there is way too much press coverage and scrutiny for Manny to wear the pinstripes!