Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interview with Joique Bell

Godfather: "Please explain why you took a chance on a smaller school in Wayne State a Division 2 School over bigger schools like Michigan and Michigan State "

Bell: In my sophomore year, my school needed a quarterback, so I only ended up playing only like 4 games as a running back , so schools didn't really notice me as a running back. Wayne State was the only school that took me seriously as a running back, unlike the other schools. 'So I chose Wayne State and it was a good choice for me.'

Godfather: "What do you think when the NFL Draft experts say how do we look at Bell's NFL potential when all we have are his numbers against Ferris State, Mercyhurst, Saginaw Valley, and Findlay. What do you say in response to that, Joique?"

Bell: Look at players like Westbrook and Randy Moss who came from small schools. 'When you get in the NFL, it's not about where you play at, its about what you do in the NFL. Nobody's going to talk about what you did in college.'

Godfather: "So how can you prove them wrong and what do you think you have done best to prove them wrong in your workouts and meeting with the teams?"

Bell: 'Teams right now aren't just looking for talent, they look for people with great character.' By going to college and doing well, and not getting into trouble, it lets NFL teams know that your not only serious about football, but that you are also serious about life.

Godfather: "What was it like playing with fellow senior NFL draft prospects after playing four years against inferior competition from Division 2 and which you were pretty much the only guy who would go on to play in the NFL? Did you feel that you fit in with these guys and what did you learn?"

Bell: 'Of course I felt like I fit in... I did what I always do, I played football'

Godfather: Do you think that you impressed enough to prove them wrong and to improve your draft stock?

Bell: ‘I believe I did. Everybody doesn’t have to like, only one person has to like you’

Godfather: So it sounds to me that you are ready to take that next step to go into the NFL…

Bell: Yes. I am ready. You better believe I am going to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Godfather: “What other teams are visiting or working out for in the week in a half left until the NFL Draft?”

Bell: The Lions and the Chiefs

Godfather: “How did that go?”

Bell: It went very well.

Godfather: What have you been hearing lately about where you could go in the draft

Bell: Nobody knows. You really don’t know until the draft gets here. It could be the Lions or the Chiefs, or it could be a team I never have spoken to. ‘It plays with your mind a lot because you really don’t know.’

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