Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Angels Attention Shifts from Mark Texeira to Sabbthia

The Angels have offered the same type of contract to Sabbthia as the Yankees did at the beginning of FA. Why would they wait till now to offer a contract to Sabbthia? Possibly, because the Angels are unwilling to meet Texeira's 10 year contract demand. The Angels do not want to miss out on Sabbathia because they are waiting on Texeira's contract demand to lower. However, a new story from Danny Knobler of CBSSportsline has said that the Angels have long - term concerns about Tex's knee. THe Angels are most likely unwilling to give that ten year contract to Tex for that solitary reason. Right now, they will continue to focus on Sabbthia until Tex's agent Scott Boras is willing to do a 6 year deal. Look for something to get done fast with Sabbathia, since it was a year ago today that the Angels offered Torii Hunter a contract, with a 48 hour deadline. Hunter signed the night before Thanksgiving.

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