Friday, November 14, 2008

Yankees throw out first pitch to C.C Sabbathia on Opening Day of the MLB FA period

The Yankees have once again taken the approach that they can obtain whatever they want. With a new ball park opening up next year, the Yankees could also have a new ace starting the season off. This guy, C.C. sabbathia, is the guy this offseason that the Yankees will set the price tag very high for other teams to match. The Yankees intend to surpass the contract of 137.5 million given to Johan Santana last offseason by offering Sabbathia a contract in the range of 140 - 142 million. This looks to not be the Yankee's last offer for Sabbathia either. They know that they might have to increase their initial offer to lure him from his hometown of LA. With all the money being offered to Sabbathia and with an economy on the downfall, the Yankees still look to pursue other FA starting pitchers whether or not they do sign Sabbathia.If they can sign C.C., Derek Lowe, and A.J. burnett they will do it and not even think about the money being thrown to these players for one moment.

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