Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nate Davis Proves Once Again this Year Why Teams Should Not Have Passed on Him

The quarterback, who brought half a dozen scouts and a party like no other to Ball State, who had experienced mediocrity for many seasons, was never widely recruited because of learning disabilties. As he has been now recruited by many NFL teams, this is just one thing that has changed for Nate Davis and the Ball State Cardinals.

A panda worn by Jake Erdley, a telecommunications major from Brownsburg, Ind.,has always been looked at as a non - threatening creature as were the Cardinals themselves. But change has now come and it was evident by the biggest party ever on the Cardinal's home field. This would have never happened ten years ago when the Cardinals were suffering through many seasons of mediocrity, but has happened in part by another guy that people in college football thought would never make it.His name MiQuale Lewis. As did many of the Ball State players, he suffered his tough times in the previous years. But now through perseverence, this 5'6 back is close to setting the school's all - time single season rushing record.

Lewis is just one example of perseverence this year. The whole team has had to cope with the loss of their their star reciever Dante Love. They could have given away the season because without their playmaker because how could they really make it through the season without such a great player? Well, this team has actually come more together since that injury took place. They have played this season for Dante Love and no one is a greater example of that than Nate Davis.

A man who is supposed to be uneducated has stepped in for Ball State and has become a leader for Ball State. Nate Davis never has given up on a play this year. His elusiveness has allowed him this year to convert on many third downs for his team. This guy you'd think would make a lot of mistakes in big moments. However, Ball State is tied for third in fewest turnovers and rarely makes mental mistakes out on the field. His suddenly developed smarts have led to Ball State to their greatest season ever and could lead himself to a first round paycheck in this year's upcoming NFL Draft.

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